How Bad Prints Kill Good Business

If there is something I hear a lot, it is which marketing strategy is best. And if you stay around business owners a lot, it is something you would hear too, many times over. Most businesses want to know when to go digital and when to be traditional when it comes to marketing, and it is a good question to ask. But most times, the difference between both can be purely down to the execution. A lot of care is taken when it comes to digital marketing and advertisement, but when it comes to the more traditional like print, we execute poorly, and outsource to nonprofessionals.

A good business print might be expensive, but it is an investment. And like any investment, you’d expect a return on capital.  For any good marketing investment, the ROI lies in huge conversions, and unlike bad prints, that is what a good print assures you. Two of the biggest killers of small businesses are bad marketing and poor execution. You should make sure your marketing strategy is the right one, and even at that, ensure you execute properly. A business card is the first bit of packaging or branding for your business – it will be the first and if care is not taken, can even the last impression they will have of your business.

Good business prints should leave people a good idea of your business and your contact detail. Whether it is on a flyer, brochure or roll up banner, poor prints deter prospects from paying more attention and in the end; the essence of you printing in the first place is defeated.  Business prints like letterhead and business cards are the first bit of packaging potential clients will have of your business and anything not of the highest class adds something negative to their perception of your brand.


Some businesses still presents profoma invoices on just about any piece of paper, and later wonder why they didn’t get the job or contract. A shabbily printed invoice done on a bad print of paper sends out a signal – and the signal is red mostly. If you would send anything to a prospect, make sure it is of the highest quality.  Double check and then triple check if possible. I would think twice about giving a multi-million naira job to someone whose invoice is poorly printed or shabbily done, and so would most people.

Like a poor piece of PR, a bad print minimizes your positive perception and maximizes the negative. Once a prospect’s first impression of your brand is negative, it reflects on the way they see you, and that would influence their decision to do business with you. Always remember that any negative impression of your brand is a positive, albeit cheap point for the competition.

Differentiation is one of the basic ingredients of any scalable business, and can be the difference between good and bad business. And it is the same when it comes to print, so make sure your prints stand out. If your prints look like others, it creates a sense of déjà-vu and boredom with people, and they think they’ve seen it all. Instead of the same old tiring designs, shake things up and move away from the mundane. Go to professional printers who have thousands of template and are in a better position to advice you on which is best to choose from, or even design something new for you. If you create a design that stands outs, your business has a better chance of being remembered.

We may be in the digital age, but print marketing is far from dead. The problem, more often than not, when it comes to marketing, isn’t what medium you are using, rather, it is the execution. If you would print at all, make sure you do it well – with good designs and sharp prints. Anything otherwise is not worth it at all. Many of us have our business prints done anywhere, and the result is that our leads go anywhere – usually away from us – and that is one of the reason most businesses fails.

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