If you are a small business owner, the biggest issue you might have is how to get your product or services noticed or discovered in spite of the others in a saturated industry or space. If you are not the leader in your industry, it is even harder to carve a niche or make inroads to new customers and create lasting and rewarding relationships. Like every business owner knows, it is all about the customers, and these tips and strategy will help you reach them.

Design Your Product or Services around the Customers


Every business needs to do a bit of research in order to understand consumer behavior and then leverage on this when designing its product or services.  The most successful companies design and make products that tap into customer needs and satisfy their wants. If people don’t want or like your product, no amount of marketing would assuage them to buy or use it so make sure your product connects with the intended users. This is one way of making sure your product or service is actually wanted by the intended users.

Build a Referral Network

Word of mouth can sometimes be the most powerful and cheapest form of marketing. But it depends on you getting two things right – build a great customer relationship; and make sure your products meets a need and is of high quality. You also need to deliver everything you promised so your customers would be confident in your ability and thus be free to recomend you. A lot of people would use a product if it is referred to them by someone they trust or know. This is where business cards comes into


Just because many businesses have a way of doing things doesn’t mean you have to do things the same way. One very good way to reach new customers is to have a point of difference in your product. If your products stands out and offers something your competition doesn’t, there is a big chance your brand would be remembered. If you are not the leader in an industry, it can be a long hard fight to try to outspend the company that is leading.

Target Advertising

A lot of small businesses make the mistake of targeting the wrong people. Understand your market and then make sure they notice you. Know who your customers are and where and how you can find them. If your target market/audience are localized, personalized outdoor campaigns and print marketing can be the right way to market to them.


Branded Tools


Branded tools are a great way to get your audience to talk about you. You can personalize gifts with your brand name and give it out to your customers. You need to give out something your customers want and would use a lot so your brand can be visible to others. By virtue of them using it a lot, your brand would be visible to many.

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