Designing a logo is hard – there are many things to consider – originality, colour, etc. Coming up with the perfect logo can seem almost impossible, but certain techniques and principle can guide you in making sure your logo is the right one.

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Make sure you understand these key concepts before designing your logo.


Your logo doesn’t even have to be complex, or hard to grasp. The best logos are not the most complex; neither are they the flashiest. It is always advisable to go with simple and readable fonts and not some new stylish fonts that would take away from the legibility of your logo.


When designing your logo, stay away from using overused icons or watermarks. Make sure your logo is in different from others especially in the same industry. Your choice of vectors should also be one that isn’t associated with any other brand or hasn’t been overused. When elements of your logo or it’s overall visual representation is unique, then it has a more higher chance of standing out and being memorable.


The colour of your logo is important and is one of the elements that would decide the efficacy and perception of your brand. Understanding what every colour stands for will not only allow you make better decision when choosing your logo, but also give you a better idea into the mind of consumers. It is always best to start your design with black and white and then choose the colours later.

Align it to your Brand

Your Logo is an extension of your overall brand and storytelling. Your logo should be meaningful and tell the audience about your brand. It should say something about what you do, who you are and the ideals of the business. A good logo evokes emotions and creates a bond between the brand and their customers.


Your logo is something that would be passed around quite a bit, and from different channels and mediums to another. Some of these mediums have different sizes and shapes. Make sure all elements of your logo can be read in either small or large sizes and won’t look disproportionate when enlarged, and resized.

You don’t have to be a big brand to have a great logo. Some small businesses also have some great, iconic logos. All you need do to imitate that is to follows these principles.

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