What Your Business Card Says About You

A business card is one of the most important and cheapest marketing tools available to a business. It helps people remember you and what you do long after meeting you and when they hold on to it, develop a perception of your business.

So that begs the question

What kind of impression is your card leaving?

Is it the right one?

These are pertinent questions you should ask before showing that card to a prospective client, or flashing it during your next networking event.


Whatever your Business is, a business card is something that is important and whose quality you should never negotiate. Most experts would advice you make use of both print and marketing campaign, and a Business Card is somewhere in between.

Having any Business Card is no longer enough, what is useful is a good one. Infact, having a bad Business Card is not better than having none. When you don’t have one, your network have nothing that can trigger their memory of you or of what you do, but when you give them a bad one, they have something tangible to remind them of how poor your brand is. A good business card enhances your brand and passes along the message of your professionalism to your audience.


A bad Business card does the opposite – it tells the holder of your lack of attention to detail; or unprofessionalism. When your Business card isn’t consistent with what you do or the quality of your product or services, it sends a confusing message that won’t in any way help your brand.

Ask yourself, does your Business Card separates you from the other businesses out there. Your business card should stand out, but in design and quality, and in doing so, be rest assured the holder won’t forget you, or your business. If your Business Card is unique, it communicates your values and what you stand for. A business Card isn’t just a piece of paper to be shared or tossed at every opportunity. It is an extension of your brand and it’s values and will tell the story of what your business is about and what it represents in your absence.

If you want to convey an image of professionalism and competence, then your Business Card must look the part and play a role in you achieving that.

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