5 Essential Tips To Create A Stand Out Business Card

I attended a conference not long ago, and after the main lecture, we all had time to network and get to know each other and with that came a lot of business card exchanging hands. I got a lot, and many of them went straight into my wallet without a second glance, but one stood out. Even after the man had left, I still found myself starring at the card, admiring it, and feeling its texture. Till date, the business and name resonates with me.

Why – because of the quality and design brilliance of the card, and how everything merged together to create a stunning bit of marketing device. The business card did what it was supposed to do – it grabbed my attention.

Even in this digital age, you should still carry with you a business card. It is what prospects will demand first from you – and it remains a great self promotional material you should have with you always.

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But just having one isn’t enough – you should make sure it is of the highest quality you can get, and is good enough to make a great first impression. When you go cheap, it says something about your business and image. The visual feel of the card and its quality can have a greater say in a business’ overall and consequently its bottom-line than many business owners envisage.

Like all bad designs, many people instinctively spot a bad card; or a cheap one, and unfortunately, that’s the same image they would have of your business, so care should be taken to make sure you have the right combination of elements. These 5 essential tips are a guide for anyone making a business card.

  1. Make sure you pass across the important information

The essence of making and giving out a business card is to pass across your basic information.  The information that should be included are the four Ws – What, Where, Why, and Who of your business. This might require a bit of thinking as you need to know what they are and why they need to be included. The most important are the logo, the name, and contact details.  As much as possible, try not to cluster your card. Instead, go for simplicity – especially in design.

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  1. Keep to the standard business card size

The standard business card size is 3.5’’ by 2’’. If you want something different, you should seek the advice of a professional. There are other non-conventional card sizes, but the issue of convenience should be important when making the decision to go unconventional.

  1. Colours

Bright and vivid colours make your card stands out, but if not applied correctly, they may pass the wrong information. Make sure your colour is in sync with that of your brand and that they compliment each other. Colours are one of the most important elements in a business card. It demands care and a professional eye. Even with the best design and right application of other elements of design, a wrong choice of colour would give out a negative image of your brand.


  1. Visual Content

Like in digital marketing, visual contents are great elements to have on your business card. They pass home information better then letters and words, but make sure the images represent what your business is about. It can be an image of your products, or services or of something that is related to your business or brand.

  1. QR Code

A great way to ensure cross-pollination between your print and digital marketing is the use of QR Code. They provide a space conscious and neat way to convert and nudge people to your online presence.  A simple scanning of the code on your card instantly sends them to your website where they can now be converted. You can read further on QR Code if you currently have little knowledge of it.

Before designing and printing your business card, you should give a lot of thought into what message you want it to convey. You can ask yourself what you think about some business cards you have been given and what stood out about it, or you can go to a professional printer.

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