Holiday marketing: how your business can tap into the holiday excitement

It is that time of the year again – where the roads are bubbling with the spirit of joy and happiness, and streets, houses and shops are dotted with an array of sparkling lights that reflects the holiday mood. The people are in a jovial mood, and their countenance is generally of happiness and hopeful exuberance.

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As a business, it is the time to be happy too. With people generally in a giving mood, this is the perfect time to reach out to potential new customers. Always ensure you are prepared to grasp opportunities that walk into your path, but also, have a plan that allows your business to tap into the excitement of the season.

First, you need to check the data for the previous holiday season, and understand your marketing trend and know what worked last year and what didn’t. The data should inform you the current trend in holiday sales as well as the pulse of the holiday season.

Always make sure your print marketing materials are always on hand and available. As noted, people are of joyful countenance this period and this makes it the perfect time to reach out and turn them into potential customers. There are also places – like Parks, Malls, and roads that sees a lot of traffic this season, you can tap into that by making sure your business is visible in these places. Some smart marketers and businesses even share flyers in these places.


If you are going full print marketing, then make sure your content taps into the holiday spirit and your language is in line with the enthusiasm in the air. Don’t be dull – convey joy and happiness; and give someone out too. After all, it is a giving season. Make sure your marketing material promise them a personalized experience and reward. It is the season where people wants to feel special, so if you can make them feel that, you will have an edge over your competition.


Finally, make sure you personalize your products and services to give your customers that unique experience they are looking for.

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