How to Effectively Use Roll-Up Banners

Why Use Roll-Up Banners?
Effective and affordable, a roll-up banner is sure to get your business/event/institution noticed. It might well be the largest piece of marketing you’ll produce and its portable nature means it can be used in any number of locations, including:
 – Shops
– Receptions and foyers
– Conferences
– Restaurants and cafes
– Business events and trade shows.
Roll-up banners range in sizes and styles, with prices differing accordingly. For instance, roll up banners can be purchased from as low as N 14,500 from Print Magic Limited! However, before you print your stand, make sure you follow a few simple dos and don’ts.
DO’s of Roll up Banners
– DO put your logo at the top.
– DO make sure your logo and main message get noticed.
– DO keep main message at eye level where they’re more likely to quickly grab the attention.
– DO use clear, consistent branding
Your roll up banner will usually be part of your overall marketing and awareness campaign, so make the branding, colours and style consistent with other material. Consistency across all of your marketing/awareness creation efforts raises awareness; essential for growing your business, institution or service.
Keep it simple
Your logo, core message, tag line and contact details might be all you need. Good graphics and images can help draw the eye and get your stand noticed, but an effective pull-up stand will typically have a simple, high-impact design.
Use only high quality images
Remember how large your finished roll-up banner will be. Banners come in a range of sizes, the standard size is about 85 by 200cm , so the image that looked fine on screen may well look blurred and pixelated at full, finished roll banner size. If you’re not sure about your images, just contact an experienced print professional. You can also contact us at Print Magic Limited on 08098279561 and we will be happy to advise you and help ensure that every part of your artwork is perfect from start to finish.
Include contact details
Even if you’re beside your stand with business cards, brochures or leaflets, some people might only glance in passing, so make it easy for them to find out more about your business.
The DON’Ts of Roll-up Banners
DON’T use too much text
People won’t hang around to read paragraphs of text. They’ll scan quickly and move on, so if you must include text, keep it to only a few bullet points.
DON’T clutter your stand with graphics
The less busy your design and fewer messages it contains, the greater will be its impact. Your other printed marketing or website can give more details of what you do. Your roll-up stand is about introducing or enforcing your brand.
Final word
For best results on getting the best out of roll-ups, stick to the professionals! Print Magic has nearly a decade of experience in the conceptualization, design and printing of roll-up banners and have produced for many international brands. To see examples of well designed roll up banners and to see the full range of styles and sizes available, check out or call 08098279561 and am sure we can help you produce a perfect and effective roll-up banner suitable your intended purpose.



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