How To Choose The Best Font For Your Prints

Choosing the right font for print is essential for creating a good first impression. Picking the right combination of fonts can ensure the printed designs stand out, whether it is a letterhead, business card or brochure.
There is a wide range of different styles of fonts in their groups that can make them difficult to classify. For instance, though Serif fonts are more traditional and Sans Serif fonts are considered modern, Serif fonts are sometimes considered to be more readable.
There are a number of good fonts that are available in most categories; More can be learned about the different types of fonts by looking at a range of classifications such as humanist, modern, slab serif, geometric, old style and transitional. This helps to guide you along creating the desired effect with your prints.
What’s the difference between a font and a typeface?
Before we go any further on how you can successfully pick the perfect font for your work, let us understand the difference between these two terms. Font and typeface.
Typeface: is the design of the alphabet – the shape of the letters that make up the typestyle. The letters, numbers, and symbols that make up a design of type. So when you say “Arial” or “Goudy” you’re talking about a set of letters in a specific style. Font: This is simply the digital file that contains/describes the typeface.
Now that you understand this fundamental difference, let’s proceed in detail on how font and typeface interplay.
As a general rule, the typeface should not overpower the text as this may distract from the message. The purpose of the typeface is to make the text easy to read and if this is not the case then there is a risk that the reader will simply look at the typeface and not actually read the text.
When the font is being printed from a screen the contrast and brightness should be adjusted to enable the font to look as it will when it is printed. This can assist you in deciding whether the typeface that has been chosen is achieving the desired effect.
Once the font has been printed off, it can be shown to friends and family to get their opinion. If more than one font has been used then they may be able to assist in choosing the final font to be used.
The ultimate decision about which font is chosen will largely depend on your personal preferences and what you intend to achieve with your print job. There is no right and wrong font to use in print, but there are certain fonts that will obviously work better than others on certain projects.


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