IMG_20160927_135912 is a different kind of company, indeed a unique sort of printing company combining the best in web technologies with state-of-the-art print production machinery, delivering online print service in the quickest turnaround delivery time at the most affordable prices.


With customized graphic designs and over 5,000 design templates for almost all categories of print products, is a valuable resource for both large and small businesses.

It’s not in doubt that is swiftly becoming the No. 1 choice of small and medium sized businesses around Nigeria servicing thousands of entrepreneurs and small businesses with their consistent colour matching and on-time delivery carefully implemented with experienced print professionals and colour specialists in their Employee Portfolio guarantee customer satisfaction.


It’s the planning, the process and the professionalism that keeps us going. We aren’t Printing just to make money, we’ve been printing for Governments and Large Corporations for some years now so we are not a Start -Up in this Field but we realized that to keep Nigeria’s Economy afloat and prosperous, SMES need to flourish and grow, hence Innovation became our new best friend. We’ve learnt over time, that success depends on People, Management and Equipment and our People are our greatest assets, receiving multiple orders and working assiduously to make tonnes of clients happy and content daily, our Management system works seamlessly with our high tech equipment frequently maintained for optimum productivity, said Toyosi Akerele-Ogunsiji, Founder of Print Magic, a top rated Social Entrepreneur and Human Development Expert of global repute whose previous work has been within the Youth and Education Development space.

Africa's best online printstore

No other print service provider in these parts has made the kind of commitment and investment that has made here, promising to deliver within 48 hours for customer orders within Lagos, and 96 hours for customers in other parts of the Country.

One will wonder how such a promise can be kept consistently, particularly considering the terrible culture of Nigerian time and the traffic congestion associated with the Lagos metropolis.

“Working with very stringent deadlines is a natural occurrence in our business, there are simply no excuses. With the scope of our reach and our acceptance in the market, it shows that Africans desire Quality prints that do not have to put their Bank Accounts in the Red. We also hope to save our clients the attendant headaches and higher costs that come with patronizing Middle Men and Print Brokers, many of whom are not even professional printers”, these were the words of Ikenna, the Business Executive of Print Magic.


It is their hope that the company which already serves several businesses within Nigeria and neighboring African Countries will break its own records to demonstrate excellence in service delivery that showcases Nigeria to the World.

The Company’s persona and strong messaging definitely shows that they take their service seriously and that they believe it is their responsibility to help Clients interpret their Brand message by providing them with print items that represent them in good light to their own customers.

Having recorded such remarkable results in terms of quality, speedy delivery, great customer understanding and experience, it’s just a matter of time before the brand’s dominance covers Africa and the World as the place and people of choice for everything print.


You can find at 10A Olaniji Street, Oregun, Juli Estate, off Kudirat Abiola Way, Ikeja, Lagos.

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