Hello Entrepreneur,

This is to congratulate you for taking a bold step towards achieving your goal. You are one of the few Nigerians who in this dwindling economy have been able to take a step toward achieving their dreams of owning a business.

It’s no news and frankly you need not be told that in order to succeed you will have to make a lot of sacrifices to keep your business afloat. I’m sure you already know that to remain in the market takes high determination and tireless efforts.

This is why we are writing you, we know losing your calm in this economy is easy but we want you to stay strong and push on and tick to some rules and guess what the sky might just be the starting point of your business.

Cash! Cash!! Cash!!! This is the time to review your expenditure and cut off all frivolities in order to maximize profits. Spending wisely is very paramount for every entrepreneur who wants to smile to the bank. Is that a sad face? Don’t be too sad… The days of lavish spending are coming…

Yeah, you’ve got your money right, so what next? Ever heard of the saying ourattitude determines our altitude”, that’s right a positive attitude will help your business to succeed. Seek better ways to carry on your business, motivate your staff and establish a better relationship with your clients. Regardless of the challenges that can make you lose your mind and affect your decision making, be tolerant and have passion for your business, the success you have had and the goals that you must accomplish.


Network, and Keep On Networking and endeavour to create and nurture a network of contacts. Don’t go solo, attend industry meetings, network, seek partnerships and don’t underestimate the potential of your existing clients to refer new clients to you.

You will experience difficulties and most times make mistakes. Learn from Your Mistakes because “Failure is your key to success”.  Do not be afraid to take good risks, utilize innovative ideas and good business decisions. Learn from your failures or wrong decisions in order to take your business to a whole new level.


Do not forget yourself while trying to make your business great. Always pay attention to personal development. To turn appointments into contracts, continue to master your field. Expertise doesn’t happen by accident. Successful entrepreneurs do pay attention to personal development. Be abreast of the latest advancement in your profession. Read widely, attend conferences, interview leading authorities, explore their topic on the Internet, pursue advanced degrees, earn special accreditation.

Most importantly our dear Nigerian entrepreneur, you are a bright star and even a dwindling economy or recession can’t stop your shine… Keep shinning and ensure you shine the brightest. Till we meet again at the top, “never lose your magic”.


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