How To Market And Connect With Your Customers


People seem to have their heads glued to the screen, and their eyes glazed over with ray of light from their phones. That’s what you think. But you are wrong – very wrong. People still source a variety of mediums to get information and get new things. In this digital age, where the idea of using the medium has been over-flogged, many are now soliciting for the tangible – for connection that is beyond the ray of light from a screen.

The essence of marketing is to connect with people – to reach out to them, using the best medium that actually connects best with such audience. Your marketing strategy should always be to connect with those people that matter to your business – not just everybody. And this involves understanding the right medium or way to reach them. It isn’t everyone that makes use of social media, or believes in the digital medium; some still crave for the tangible – something they can touch and feel and hold on to.

The only way to build any relationship is to communicate. Communication is the key to any relationship and mastering it is what leads to selling. You need to learn and understand.


The first step to build relationships with customers is to know who your target market is. A lot of businesses make the mistake of targeting the wrong audience, and then try to build relationships with them, all leading to poor conversions and futile relationships. Sometimes, you might need to target people who are in the position to make the decision whether to buy your products or use your services. If you sell something for kids, you might also need to appeal to the parents and to do this, you need to understand which medium they are most comfortable with, and whether they prefer traditional to digital marketing.

The second step is to understand what medium is the best way to reach them.

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Many businesses still struggle on which to use between print and digital mediums when it comes to marketing. Things to consider before choosing the type are: Audience (are they local or not); Age; preferred medium; and Cost. Some people are still traditional and won’t take you serious if you don’t have a business card while others check online when they need to know something about you.

Create a Strategy that fits their needs – You need to realize this isn’t about you, or what you want. Put the customer at the heart of everything you do and respect their opinion. Once you have that, make sure your strategy is tailored to fit their needs, not yours. Your strategy has to add value to their lives or businesses – that’s perhaps the golden rule in creating lasting relationship. If they care about what you do and believe it adds real value to them, they would always come back.

Listen. And then listen again


Always take time out to listen. Listen and allow them explain what they are looking for. It is only after you know what they are looking for that you can tell them how your product and services can help fulfill their needs. Great relationships are built on understanding one another and the ability to listen and learn about the other’s need.

Follow up – Always try to follow up on clients whether they’ve been converted or not. This is one sure proof way to build and sustain business relationships – go beyond what is expected. As the holiday period is approaching you can think about sending them personalized cards or gifts to show you care. Care though should be given to make sure the communication is not too much and that you are infringing too much. The advice would be once a month. Sometimes, all that is needed is a phone call or an email.

In all, offer them an experience that connects with them. Don’t just sell, offer them an engaging experience that adds value to their life, and use storytelling to shape the perception of your products or services. Always try to focus on the customers and don’t just sell. Instead, try to give them an experience. Remember that the customers are king and always try to treat them as such and if you do that, you are a step further in creating lasting business relationships.

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