Marketing Materials That Connect And How To Create Them

We see a lot of print and even digital marketing material a lot, so much so that it has become the mundane. Infact, the streets of Lagos are a boulevard of discarded print marketing materials that stare us in the face, yet doesn’t grab our fancy. The fact that most have become a piece of nuisance that litters our environment could only mean one thing – they are a waste of time and instead of fulfilling their purpose of enlightening the intended audience has only succeeded in being turned into an impromptu basketball thrown at will as round targets.

So, how can you make sure your marketing material – be it a flyer, digital design, billboards, posters and roll on banners are effective and pass across the message you want? Below are some of the tips that ensures your marketing materials actually markets.

  • Use Uncommon Design

More often than not, what interest us most in a print material is the visual elements. A marketing material – digital or print needs to be seen, and then looked at again, and one of the things that can guarantee that is uncommon design. Make sure your marketing design stands out and has the wow factor; or the ability to hold the audience’s gaze for more a split second. There are lot of ways to ensure that, but someone without a professional designer’s eye or training might not be able to envision it, so I would advice you visit a professional designer or printer.

  • Communicate Clearly

The relationship between all the elements in the marketing material and how they interact is very important. Communicate clearly by making sure whatever message you want passed across is highly and broadly visible. The most important piece or elements should be the biggest so people, looking at it once, would get the whole picture and understand the message without much effort. People no longer have the patience to scour your design or material to get the highlight or what you really want them to know and are likely to discard it immediately they can’t.

  • Give Them An Incentive

We all love freebies, right? It isn’t uncommon for people to hang on longer to a flyer that promises them something. One of the best ways to get your audience’s attention right away is to give them an incentive to do so. Humans by nature likes free things so a poster or roll up banner with the words ”free” or ”bonus” would generate more audience than those without one.

  • Prioritize

Ensure you don’t cluster your marketing material or piece. Only include those information that are needed or important. Some experts advice you only include the WHO, WHY, WHERE and HOW of your business. Almost every other content can be discarded. A clustered design looks unprofessional and that can be telling on the way your organisation is seen.

  • Include A Call To Action

If every other element or tip is present, then you shouldn’t forget to include a call to action. Infact, make sure your call to action is bold enough that it cannot be missed. A call to action invites them to do something. If your design and copy-writing is actually effective and connects with your audience, then your call to action will be what nudges them into actions.

What are you Marketing – a business, an opening, or a Church Programme? It might even be an advertisement copy, or an announcement. Make sure your leverage these tips to ensure your marketing material is true to their purpose. A marketing material that doesn’t is a waste of money and precious time. Better yet, you can also seek the advice of a professional printer or designer.

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