Offline marketing: 5 print marketing ideas that works

Everyone seems stoked about online marketing and selling. And they should be, but not at the expense of traditional marketing. Unfortunately, that is what is happening. Fortunately, some marketers see the opportunity inherent in this scenario and grab it with both hands. They understand differentiation is not necessarily a bad thing, and are in most cases, a smart move.

Print marketing offers a tangible way to advertise and connect with your intended audience, and create a physical and mental bond that relates to more sales. Ignoring this aspect of marketing is actually a mistake a lot of businesses make, and one that can cost them sooner or later.

Promotional Products

With the holiday coming up, it provides a great opportunity for businesses to reach out and thank their loyal customers. And it goes beyond that. It is also a great promotional and engaging tool that ensures your logo – placed strategically on the promotional and branded tools – are always where people can see them. Remember that saying ‘’out of sight is out of mind.’’ Functional promotional products like Calendar, mugs, biros, etc are used by customers and makes sure your brand is not forgotten.


Flyers with a Purpose

The visual elements of your flyers are one of the main determinants of whether people would receive it and read it or discard it immediately. A flyer should be designed in such a way that it looks visually appealing to your audience, and in a way they would love and be willing to receive, and read. Your flyer should have a purpose and should contain a very good headline and an engaging content. Couple that with great designs and you have a winner.

Use of Testimonials

People are quick to believe in a product when they see others just like them endorsing the product. When you use customer testimonials, it validates the authenticity of your product and acts as a leverage that nudges other potential customers into believing in your product and patronizing it.



Having a business network can be a useful tool when it comes to referral and gaining new B2B opportunity. Networking gives your business exposure and affords it to opportunity to meets influencers and decision makers of other companies and form a relationship that can in the future be mutually beneficial to both of you.


Branded Accessories

When a customer or an outsider comes in contact with your branded correspondence like letterheads or envelope, what they get is a great first impression. A branded office stationary is always a smart move and adds a bit of professionalism to your business. Things like a gift card with your logo emblazoned on it also act as a form of marketing and constant reminder of your essence to those you sent it to.

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