#PRINTeverything – 5 Golden Rules Of Clean, Simple Design

There’s a lot more to simple design than you think. A product may appear clean and inconspicuous to the naked eye, but there’s a lot going on beneath the surface that most people don’t know about. Nor do they need to. They only need to know that it will do what they need it to do, when they need it to do it. Here are a few to help you with a simple product design that will appeal to your customers and prospects.

Less, but Better

Simple design isn’t just about subtracting things from a design willingly. It has to improve the design’s overall effectiveness. However, too many designers seem to think that one has to keep stripping things away even past the point where it’s practical for the design.

To a designer, the goal isn’t complete and utter white space. If something is essential, but makes the design look clunky or inelegant, your job isn’t to eliminate it anyway, but to figure out how to “make it work.”

Be Honest

Your design needs to communicate the intent of your content clearly and honestly. If your viewer has the wrong idea of what your content is trying to tell them, your design isn’t honest enough.

No tricks are necessary here – everything about the design of your website, flyer, brochure, or poster, from the graphics down to the colors, should be suggestive of the product being sold or the information being conveyed.

Go For Timelessness

Of course it’s not for us to say, right now, what will become timeless and what will fade into obscurity. But there are certain rules you can follow to make sure your designs steer clear of fads and trends which will destroy their longevity. First of all, if something feels like a trend, it probably is.  Certain design fundamentals are basic and important enough to be printed in a book and referred to over and over in your permanent library. The closer you stick to those fundamentals, the more classic your design will be.

Be Thorough

Just because your design is simple, doesn’t mean you can get sloppy with the details. Remember that, in a minimal design, the end result your viewer will be seeing will highlight any and all flaws in your work.

Be Understood

Good design doesn’t need to be explained. You know this, even if you’ve never consciously thought about it before. Think of all the items you use on a daily basis. Odds are good that you didn’t have to read a manual to learn how to use them. Your designs can be that straightforward as well.

It takes work to arrive at a place of such simplicity, but one way to approach it is to make a note of exactly what appeals to you about your favorite simple designs. Is it the ease of use? The approachability? The absence of clutter? Chances are good that straightforwardness has something to do with what makes these designs work.





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