Strategic ways print marketing can work for you

Print marketing, if used well, can be a great way to illuminate and amplify a company’s message and brand. Many people are not unplugging from digital mediums and many more prefer traditional means of marketing to their digital counterpart. When designing and coming up with strategies, many businesses miss the opportunity. When planned and executed well, print marketing strategies offers some of the best return on investments around. Below are some print marketing strategies you can try.

Flyer Campaign


Print marketing can be a very effective and cost saving medium of marketing for small businesses. One of the advantage of having a flyer campaign is that it targets your audience and can be easily tested for their effectiveness. You can begin with something simple and not complex, but that promises something in return to your target audience. It should promote a sales discount or free lessons or services. Don’t just try to sell your products or services, or else, your audience might wonder what is in it for them. After all is said and done, a flyer is only as good as its content and the design. Your choice of words and preferred images goes a long way in determining the success or otherwise of your flyer campaign. Also of importance is how it is delivered and where.

Will it be handed over by human beings? where? How? These are some of the pertinent questions you need to ask before starting the campaign. These will affect the outcome of your campaign and strategy.

Using Roll-up-banner

From displaying your products and brand at an exhibition to showcasing and making an impact on a busy place around your office, Roll up banner is a great tool that helps get your message across to your audience. They are affordable and large enough for them not to be missed easily. For something quite big, roll up banner has an advantage in that it can be transported anywhere easily – either a conference, an exhibition or even taken and mounted on a busy road where its visibility can be of added advantage to your brand.  A roll up banner is quite durable and lasts, giving you a lot of value for your money.


Informational Brochure

Do you think your business doesn’t need a  brochure?

How do you write one that sells.

First, you need to write the brochure in the point of view of the reader – that is understanding them and putting them first when you design and compose the content. You need to find out the element of your business your readers finds interesting and would like to know more of. If you were one of them, what questions would you ask, and what are the things that would interest you and hold your attention. You should make sure to describe your business and some of its features. Sometimes, a reader may decide to patronize you because of a feature they didn’t know one of your products has. But make sure these feature is of benefits to the reader and not just there because you want to fill the pages.



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