Like most people, you would be forgiven for thinking print advertising should be dead in 2016. Considering our energies and abilities are expanded on the digital mediums, perceptions should dictate it is where the leads are these days, right?

Like most people too, you would be wrong.

Although most leads and conversation are pushed and seem to happen a lot on social media and digital platforms, print still has a place in the heart of useful and great advertising and marketing. Targeting the right audience can’t be emphasized enough, and that is where the key ingredient lies –  not digital medium; not Print Advertising. Yet print advertising and marketing has certain edge over its digital counterpart, and remains a veritable and useful part of advertising, even in this age.

Here are some of the reasons to think again and change your perception about print advertising and marketing.

Not everyone is on Digital Mediums

Everyone isn’t on social media or even understands how digital communications work. Some are even less concerned about its usage. Every day, people still ask for Business Cards, read flyers and pores over Brochures to search for information. If majority of these people are your target audience, then you are wasting your time using digital advertising. Because it is what is in vogue doesn’t mean everyone is using it.

Prints Marketing Materials is tangible and lasts longer


Materials like Business cards and Brochures stays longer in circulation and remains a source of information longer than their digital counterpart. Prints are tangible and gives people to hold on to and keep for a long while. Digital is popular but unlike print is rarely permanent and can’t be filed or stored for future use. This isn’t always the case with print as most users of the medium are always in a hurry and has low attention span.

It Builds Credibility 

Your brand or business must be more than something online. Make sure you build a physical connection with personality to go with it. A printed material builds connection and elicits instant response and gives your business a physical appeal with your targeted audience.

It Elicits Tactile Experiences

When your audience physically engages with your print materials, the weight of the document and the feel and smell of the paper creates numerous tactile experiences and is appealing to multiple senses – something missing in digital advertising. This


Of course, digital communications and advertising makes things easier, but relying solely on it or trying to stay completely digital is impossible and not advisable. Target your market and connect with them in a way that makes your brand stand out and unique.

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