Have You Tried Print Marketing? What You’re Missing If You Haven’t

The last couple of decades have ushered in a new wave of reality – both in communication and business. A reality birthed by technology and the ease at which people are able to get a Smartphone.  All these have affected us in all facet of life – from how we source information, to how we run our businesses and also market them.

For many, millennial and start-ups especially, traditional/print marketing is something straight out of the Victorian age that is no longer needed. And armed with that view, they disregard print marketing as a strategy that won’t bring in high ROI. But I can assure you that printing isn’t dying – it is as alive as ever.

You won’t be mistaken to even say it is thriving.


While the advantage inherent in the digital medium cannot be overemphasized, it doesn’t mean print marketing is dead. Any ideal and comprehensive marketing strategy should involve both print and digital mediums. A business owner needs to understand the underlying advantages of print marketing and how to use them.

So, it brings us to the question – why print marketing?

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Print engages more of the senses, eliciting a multi sensual appeal involving the smell, touch and the visual senses. Not all of these are present in the digital medium.

Print also allows you the opportunity to be in front of your customers without the barrier of the screen. Giving out business cards grants you the opportunity to interact with potential customers and create a more personalized experience. Print marketing fosters a face to face interaction and networking, which in this digital age is grossly underrated. Being in front of the users and customers affords your brand a humanity that is hard to replicate by just using digital platforms.

Physical interaction is getting more important as the years go by. Anyone that disregards this put his business at a disadvantage.


Print marketing is not just exclusive to business cards, flyers; roll up banners and brochures. It also consists of promotional products or giveaways like mugs, key chains, shirts, or pens. Giveaways and promotional materials grab the customer’s attention and the great thing about it is that people are always willing to hold on to these materials for longer period. While a digital campaign may be forgotten the moment the potential customer logs out of Twitter or Facebook; or leaves your website, a giveaway is a constant everyday reminder of what you do and why they should care.


As research has shown older generation prefer print media while the younger ones go for the digital medium. If your target market is elders, you should seriously think about print as a major source of marketing. An elder would rather want your business card than check you out on social media. As a marketing executive, your strategy should not be set in stone, but rather, it should be a combination of both digital and print. For example – a business card and a flyer can be a tangible way of referring people to your social media accounts and can also act as a potent call to action

One of the untapped potential of print marketing is its ability to create cross-pollination across media. A good print marketing strategy should involve a call to action to the online strategy and vice versa. A good melting point for digital and print media is the use of QR Code. Your prints on paper can have a QR Code that when scanned directs to your online presence. You can have people go to your online presence by simply scanning the code on your prints using their phones.

Lastly, print marketing like digital marketing is dependent on having the right strategy that suits your brand and understanding your market amongst others factors. Care though should be taken to make sure your strategy – both online and physical has a unified message and theme.

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