Generally, people remember more when they read in print, so if you want to hook new customers by introducing your company or organization then print a business brochure.

Business brochures are brilliant for this task and can also be handed out at networking events or initial client meetings in order to leave a lasting positive impression.

In comparison to other promotional printed materials such as a flyer or leaflet, a business brochure requires a different approach to content reflect its intended use.

However, a brochure is an opportunity to show an in-depth view and as its likely to be a greater investment. So it is even more important that it’s put in front of the right people to ensure it’s not as easily disposable.

In order that you make the most of this printed asset, here are some tips to ensure you get the right message across and get the best return on your printing budget.


This sounds simple but it is key that all your marketing communications tell a uniformed excellent story. This is not just about your logo or company colour theme, it’s your core principles and the mission statement.

Most businesses intend to appear friendlier and less austere, so their printed booklets and sales materials follow this approach. They are more informal and less corporate in attempt to make the business look warm, approachable and humanly.

Even if you are just starting a new company its vital you know what your ‘unique selling point’ is. It is key to how you differentiate yourself from your competition. In your brochure you need to answer the age-old question ‘Why should I buy from you and not them?’ It might be a different product you sell or special service your provide or it might be the way in which you deliver it, but it is important to underline this in your brochure. This makes your story different and makes your brand seem more accommodating and this surely going to capture more attention

A brochure’s principle premise is to tell people about the business. That might sound obvious but plenty of people get side tracked by introducing new products or services. It is also vital to try to sell your products, but always make sure your brochure conveys a complete and concrete message about your business.


In marketing, you need to be in-sync with your target audience. Decide upon your target audience and make a point of directly targeting them, give them what they want and worry less about the people you might exclude. You cannot serve everyone, just focus on your desired target market and how you want to engage with them, your printed promotions will be much more effective if you nail this. A brand with too wide an appeal will struggle to appeal to anyone.


A striking front page is really important, because if your intention is to grab the attention of the reader (which is of course!). Then your front page should make people want to read on. Having a striking front page is not good enough actually, your reader should want to turn the pages of your brochures and find out more about your business. This means that every page should have relevant and quality content that should sustain your audience.


If you are printing larger quantities to save money you want the brochure to be relevant for at least 12 months so if you are considering printing business brochures in larger quantities avoid talking about new products, services, staff or equipment. An example of this would be rather than saying you have been in business for 20 years, say you have been in business since 1997, so your brochure doesn’t date so quickly.To start that relationship with a new customer you need to include your contact details, usually towards the end of the brochure so that they know how to get across to you.

A well put together business brochure will guarantee you more than a glance, it would improve your relationship with clients and also increase your customer base.

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